About us

BLACKBLEACH is a sustainable brand, founded by Eva Wagensveld (1992). During her studies Fashion & Design at AMFI she had always been fascinated by the amount of waste in the fashion industry. After her graduation collection based on the mass consumer culture, Eva wanted to commit to change. By designing her garments out of second-hand items and left-over fabrics she found a solution that suits her impulsive design aesthetics. This makes every item unique and carrying three stories: The previous owner, the story of BLACKBLEACH and the new owner.

BLACKBLEACH wants to be as transparent as possible, because you have the right to know what you are buying. All BLACKBLEACH garments have no size labels, but exact measurements so you can see for yourself if the garment will fit you. The pricing of all products exist of material costs, an hourly rate of €15 for the designing and making of the product and a 20% margin to cover our sourcing, webshop maintenance and packing costs. [These prices are exclusive 21% VAT]